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Australian Conservatives

We are a movement that seeks to unite people for the betterment of Australia. We believe that enduring principles and values are crucial to the creation of a better nation.

    We advocate for and support the core pillars of conservatism and believe that these values, if adhered to, can serve as the building blocks of a prosperous and sustainable economy. Millenniums of experience have shown the principles of conservatism work, and we only have to return to these roots and apply them in our society today to see an improvement. Unfortunately, many of those involved in politics today have turned a blind eye to this. As a movement, we seek to call the attention of the people to these enduring principles and bring like minds together to achieve our collective goal – the development of Australia.

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    Australian Conservatives started as a non-party political movement in 2016. It was established by Senator Cory Bernadi who saw the need for conservatives to be united under one umbrella and speak with a single voice. This was necessary for a society where a group of people believed that the political class no longer represented their interests.

    Our Beliefs

    • We believe in a nation where children are encouraged to believe in their dreams and can work hard to make them a reality.
    • We believe in a nation bound by virtues and sustained by faith—where values that reflect our moral foundation are accepted as critical to our future.
    • We believe that what is best for our families is best for society.
    • We believe that when freedom resides with responsibility, Australia will always prosper.
    • We believe that our country should be one where the government is not an obstacle, but an advocate and ally of its people.
    • We believe that those who receive will also give because there is strength in community.
    • We believe in a land where a determination will never succumb to apathy.
    • We believe that our nation is not for those seeking an easy path: it is for those who dream not only of today but also of what tomorrow can be.


    Our Policies

    We frame our policies based on our principles and after due consultation with our members. As conservatives, we believe in the importance of the people, and it is our firm conviction that every government policy must be in line with the will of the people. The government is only legitimate when it operates as an ally of the people and fulfil the mandate that the people have given it through elections.


    Get Involved

    The success of this movement depends greatly on its membership and donations from Australians who believe in the need for a true conservative movement. Donating to the movement makes you an official participant in the movement to entrench the noble ideals of conservatism in Australian.

    You too can become a part of our movement, click here to donate or become a member of the movement.

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