The Australian Conservatives is a movement that seeks to unite people for the betterment of Australia. We believe that enduring principles and values are crucial to the creation of a better nation and only by returning to those ideals which have been abandoned by those in politics today can we create a better Australia.

We advocate for and support the core pillars of conservatism and believe that these values if adhered to, can serve as the building blocks of a prosperous and sustainable economy. Millenniums of experience have shown the principles of conservatism work, and we only have to return to these roots and apply them in our society today to see an improvement. Unfortunately, many of those involved in politics today have turned a blind eye to this. As a movement, we seek to call the attention of the people to these enduring principles and bring like minds together to achieve our collective goal – the development of Australia.

Our Members

We are made up of people who believe there is a better way –  People who have seen that their interests are not properly represented by those in government and see the need to have a movement that speaks for them and say their truth. We understand that it is not easy to be the dissenting voice of reason surrounded by a loud noise; this is why this movement was established. To give voice to the thousands of conservative Australians and those with ideas and principles that align with conservative principles who have been unable to speak or whose voices have been drowned out among the multitudes. By speaking with a united voice, we believe we can achieve the Australia of our dreams where the interest of the people is paramount to all others, and the value of hard work as a means to achieve our goals is entrenched in our system.


Australian Conservatives started as a non-party political movement in 2016. It was established by Senator Cory Bernadi who saw the need for conservatives to be united under one umbrella and speak with a single voice. This was necessary for a society where a group of people believed that the political class no longer represented their interests, a society where conservative parties had 1.7 million votes in the federal election of 2016 which shows the growing discontent with the liberals. Within one month of forming the movement, it had more than fifty thousand subscribers to its newsletter.

In 2017, the movement became a political party with Senator Cory Bernadi choosing to resign from the Liberals. This was due to the absence of confidence in the political process and public dissatisfaction with the major political parties. The party was registered with the Electoral Commission, and many conservative groups and blocs joined or merged with the party.  The most significant was its merger with the Family First Party. However, the party achieved very modest success in elections including the 2019 federal elections.

While plans have been announced to deregister the political party, the political movement remains strong as ever, and we are committed to returning Australia to the common-sense ideals of conservatism.