Alan Jones Blast Sydney Opera House CEO

Amidst the brewing tension between Alan Jones and Opera House, Alan Jones told Louise Herron, the Chief Executive Officer of Opera House, that she is at the ultimate peril of losing her job. Alan Jones made this bold statement due to the Opera House’s objection to displaying the world’s richest horse race at the Opera House sail. This happened during a heated radio conversation today.

Louise Herron’s defiance is quite strange considering the fact the conservative party leader Cory Bernardi had already, through the royal commission, incorporated the Chinese Influence in Australia. Again, the Chief Executive officer of Opera House’s bold stance has been criticized as been baseless and of no use. Two years ago, the controversial Chinese businessman Huang Xiangmo and the prominent Labor Leader Bill Shorten both lighted up the Opera House sail. These two prominent figures did this notable act to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

According to reports from The Daily Telegraph, the government of New South Wales, Australia, is working tirelessly to secure a deal with this phenomena building. The government intends to use this building as a means of projecting a crucial light show on its sail for “The Everest.”

The show “The Everest” is an international promotion which intends to preach unity amidst diversity. In order to do this, the daily telegraph also reports that the New South Wales government is more than willing to broker a groundbreaking deal for this remarkable building.

Although, as of last night, the negotiation between the government and the Opera House Management was a stalemate. Due to this, it has been perceived by many that the plan might come to nothing. The Opera House management strongly frown at the use of the world-celebrated sails as a horse racecourse. In spite of the propositions from the New South Wales government officials, the Opera House management has kicked against this idea.

Today on his 2GB show, Mr Jones lambasted Miss Herron. He said bitterly that People who are reading The Daily Telegraph this Morning would be wondering, ‘who do you think you are? You do not own the Opera House; the people own it; you are to manage it.

Expressing his frustration, Mr Jones further stated that you do not have a right to fence it off. If you cannot give the go-ahead for the event to happen, that is clearly providing $100 million to the economy, delivering a tourism boom to Sydney, to send Sydney around the world. If I were Gladys Berejiklian, you would be sacked today”.

Going by the words of Mr Jones, Louise Herron, the Chief Executive officer of the Sydney Opera House, and the other workers at the Opera house are the Opera House managers. Based on the managerial role, they have no right to reject the government’s proposal. Regardless of that, Mr Jones also pointed to the racing event’s social and economic benefit at the Opera House.

However, does this refusal warrant the sacking of Miss Herron? You should be the judge of that.

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