Bernardi Applauds Atlassian’s Move

One of the leaders in the Australian software market, Atlassian recently decided to remove diversity from part of its corporate language. It claims that this announcement is based on a carefully considered decision to create a workforce that is defined by characteristics that go beyond race and gender.

This move has been applauded by Australian Conservatives leader, Senator Cory Bernadi in his tweet. The senator tweeted to congratulated Atlassian while further adding that it is time for governments at all levels to bring an end to identity politics. He claimed that identity politics has failed in its goal as it divides instead of uniting us.

Atlassian claimed that decision to do away with diversity is necessary because it is now focused on creating balanced teams in which all workers will feel like they belong.  Now, it is no longer about the percentage of people from a particular demographic that is represented; it is about creating teams with balanced perspectives, the software giant said in a report.

According to Aubrey Blanche, the global head of diversity and belonging for the company, the teams that perform best usually have people that have diverse ways and perspectives to problem-solving.  However, it is high time the company thought about what diversity means and its definition beyond the spectrum of race and gender. Miss Blanche used the term “diversity fatigue” to define the frustration that some people feel towards the approach of more talk than action that has been used to deal with a significant issue. The issue, in this case, is how much people now associate the term “diversity” strictly with minority groups.

Once people hear about diversification of the workforce, their mind immediately processes it that you are seeking to reduce the influence of the majority and saying they don’t count which indirectly means you want to build a future where they are excluded. However, the majority also parts of diversity. While there may be an imbalance, it could be from the majority or minority groups. For instance, having a team with women majority is an imbalance even though women constitute a minority in the workforce.

The recent employment data of Atlassian shows that most times, men are the managers in marketing, IT, software, and customer support, while women were found to dominate finance and HR. The company increased the percentage of women in leadership roles with a little below 1 per cent, which puts it above average when compared with industry-wide senior management roles. The percentage of women in technical roles was also increased from 14.6 per cent to 17 per cent and the proportion of its workers above 40 years was also increased from 19 per cent to 22 per cent. All this represents a significant improvement for the minorities while maintaining the overall balance of the workforce.

According to Miss Blanche, the long-term goal of the company is to ensure its offices reflect the communities where they operate.

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