Bernardi Calls for Tougher Sentence for Sex Offender

Following the allegation levelled against a forty-year-old man of sexually molesting a thirteen years old boy, Senator Cory Bernardi, the Conservative Party leader, has stated with disdain that there should be a hefty penalty for sex offenders.

The alleged rape offence was said to occur in Northwest Sydney at the front yard of the boy. The thirteen-year-old boy and the forty-year-old man met on one of those social media platforms. Within a short space of time, the thirteen-year-old boy and the forty-year-old man started exchanging pictures. These two became cordial friends and agreed to meet up at the front of the boy’s yard, where the alleged incident took place. If not for the timely intervention of the boy’s mother, the situation would have been far worse.

This is not the first rape incident that will take place in Sydney with the perpetrators not facing harsh enough sentence. Senator Bernardi is of the firm view that the only way to stop this outlandish offence against the body of a person is by putting in place stricter punishment. He emphasized that rape is not just about the forceful and violent carnal of a person, but it also has a lot to do with the dignity of the victim. He went further to state that most times, the rapist would batter his victim’s body and might even take such victim’s life. This is not to talk of the victim’s post-traumatic stress, which may lead to insanity, delusion, or ultimately death.

 Such an offence should not be taken lightly; the offender should face the full wrath of the law. He thereby called on the legislative body to enact laws that would provide stricter punishment for sex offenders. This punishment will serve as a deterrent to other perverts in the state.

Senator Cory Bernardi of the Conservative party believes that we have failed as a society if we cannot protect our children from these sexual predators. He believes that paedophiles should serve a compulsory jail term while grave sex offenders should see life imprisonment. As such, it will be difficult for serious sex offenders to granted bail. This legislation will not only kick against sexual offences; it will also keep Australia safe.

For instance, in 2018, according to statistics, 28 per cent of child sexual offenders did not spend a day in jail because of bail access. Although most of their victims might remain devastated for the rest of their lives owing to the lifelong effect of the crime on the victim. It is mainly unfair against the principle of natural justice.

For justice to be served, jail term must be the least of the punishment for sex offenders, and the ultimate punishment should be put in place to show how grave an offence it is. It should also include a life term for the worst offenders.

What propelled Senator Cory Bernardi, the conservative party leader, to call for stricter punishment for sex offender was that the forty years old man was granted bail, and he did not even spend a week in jail. Imagine the trauma on the young boy.

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