We are a movement of people who share the common ideals rooted in the practice of conservatism for thousands of years in the past. We are more than a political party and encompass people who belong to different political groups. What unites all of us is the conservatism ideology which has thrived across various nations for years.

Members of This Movement

We are composed of people who believe there is a better way of doing things-  People who have seen that their interests are not adequately represented by those in government and see the need to have a movement that speaks for them and say their truth. We understand that it is not easy to be the dissenting voice of reason; this is why this movement was established.

The purpose of the movement is to give voice to the thousands of conservative Australians and those with ideas and principles that align with conservative principles who have been unable to speak or whose voices have been drowned out among the multitudes. By speaking with a united voice, we believe we can achieve the Australia of our dreams where the interest of the people is paramount to all others, and the value of hard work as a means to achieve our goals is entrenched in our system.

As a political movement, we support political aspirants who support policies that align with our ideals and look to establish a new order of doing things in society. Our activities transcend political parties, blocs, ethnic groups or race. We are focused on restoring Australia to its traditional values, and anyone who subscribes to these ideals is one of us.

We seek to make Australia great again, and our takes on government policies support this. Australian Conservatives is dedicated to returning the power to those it rightly belongs to – the people. We advocate for an accountable government where politicians are fully answerable to those they represent, and the interest of those in power is suppressed for the interest of the people who actually hold the real power in any democracy.

As a political party, more than twenty thousand formally joined the ranks of the Australian Conservatives within its first year. This has gone to show how many people were dissatisfied with the coalition at the centre, especially with the manner with which it was damaging their traditional principles and values. However, by choosing Scott Morrison as the prime minister and his re-election showed that Australia is coming back to its senses and ready to herald a change.

While the political party may appear to have failed due to many factors which typifies the struggles of an average Australian conservative, the movement remains very much alive, and it is this movement that reflects the true ideals that we will continue to stand for.

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