Our principles are the core ideals that we stand by. We advocate for and support all the key values of conservatism as the better way to build a prosperous and sustainable economy and maintain a civil society. Our core principles include:

Limited Government

We believe that a state that seeks to give its people everything it believes they need will only deprive those people the opportunity to use their initiative. As humans, we all have initiatives and ideas on how we can achieve our goals and dreams in a legitimate way. When a state tries to do everything for its citizens, it drains them of this initiative and ends up creating unsatisfied citizens. Not only that, but it will also undermine the legitimate authority of other social institutions.

The duties of the government are to guarantee individual freedom and property rights. While also maintaining internal order and ensuring a robust national defence. The government is also responsible for the administration of justice with everyone treated as equal before the law.

Australian Conservatives supports the division of responsibilities between federal and state government as stipulated in the Australia constitution. We believe that this is the best way to prevent concentration and subsequent corruption of power.

Free Enterprise

The most compatible economic system with a free society is one in which there is an allocation of resources based on a voluntary agreement between businesses and individuals. This is the most efficient and productive way to supply and meet human needs.

We recognise that the living generations represent steward of riches regardless of whether it is natural, material, spiritual, or cultural riches. Thus, Australian Conservatives recognises that the logic of market relations is not contrary to the common good, which is a significant part of our core values.

Personal Responsibility

The idea of a free society cannot exist without personal responsibility. It is a core part of it. At Australian Conservatives, we believe that each person is legally and morally responsible for their actions and should be held responsible for those actions.

We acknowledge that the most effective type of government is self-government in which every person is required to develop the values of prudence, fortitude, justice, faith, charity, temperance, and hope personally.  It is only in a society where everyone police and what is morally right and responsible even in the absence of authority that we can see positive development.

Stronger Families

Australian Conservatives understand the importance of the natural family as the best institution to nurture and develop future generations. The family plays a fundamental role in society, and a good or bad society can be traced to the family.

As the foundation, we believe that what is best for the families is best for the society and we support stronger families by recognising the different but complementary roles of fathers and mothers in raising children.

Civil Society

We believe and support the values, conventions, norms, and customs of the Judeo-Christian traditions as the foundation of western culture and free society. We advocate adherence to these values as necessary to prevent moral decay.