The Big Hack Exposed

The regular hacks we are conversant with are the do-it-yourself life hacks which you can watch online. The hack we will be talking about is the interference and intrusion hack, which was found surprisingly on the computer server motherboard.

During a routine security check carried out on one of the world’s largest brand of computer server motherboards imported into Australia, a disturbing discovery was made. Secretly embedded on the motherboards were found tiny microchips of not more than a centimetre.  The microchip was never a part of the original motherboards’ design. It was believed to have been implanted by the Chinese which why it was nicknamed the Chinese hack.

Before this infamous discovery, Conservative Party leader, Senator Cory Bernardi has always been sceptical of the Chinese intrusion and interference.  It was due to his foresight that an intrusion or something of such nature might occur soon that he requested for the establishment of a royal commission into Chinese influence.  Once this demand was met, it will guard against any form of intrusion and interference from the Chinese.

Upon discovery of these microchips, the news of it sent shivers down the spine of the world intelligence community. The reason for such distress and panic was because these microchips embedded on the motherboard are generally common in the CIA’s drone operation, the onboard network of most navy warships, national defence data centres. This is to show you how sophisticated those tiny microchips were and its role in national intelligence.

During the investigation and a top-secret probe which lasted for more than three years, it was discovered by the team of investigators that the chips once activated could allow the attackers to establish a secret doorway into any network and server which also involves the altered machines.

The said team of Investigators also discovered that the microchips were implanted purposely. Based on their findings, the microchips were implanted by Chinese subcontractors at factories which were operating in China. It was believed that the implantations were done by a revolutionary movement named the   Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

Many prominent individuals in Australia have been sceptical of Australia’s close relationship with the Chinese. One of the most famous antagonists of this relationship with China is Clive Hamilton, a prolific author. In his popular book, Silent Invasion, he shed light on some of the secret intrusion and invasion of the Chinese. He also wrote extensively on their influence in Australia. In one of his writings, he raised the question of how many of these motherboards laced with the tiny microchips from the motherland (China) are lying stealthily in Australian network? This brings to mind that there may be thousands or Millions of motherboards with the tiny chips in several homes in Australia.

The funny part is that most Australian citizens might not know of the existence of this microchips, which is capable of storing classified documents. It might even be laced with a virus capable of crashing your server.

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