What Happened to Parental Responsibility? – Bernardi

Senator Cory Bernardi of the Conservative Party blasted the manifesto of free or subsidised preschool for children from the age of three years by the Labor leader Bill Shorten.  Senator Bernardi stated that such a policy is irrational and will have an adverse effect on the country’s economy.

Bill Shorten’s intends to spend $1.75 billion of taxpayers’ money on sending children from ages three to preschool should Labor win the election at the federal level. Based on his proposal, children from ages three will be admitted to preschool and have fifteen hours of education every week for the next two years. Upon completion of the preschool, they will be accepted into primary school.

This policy will run in government-owned preschool schools for free to a pupil of three years old, while the government will grant subsidies to a pupil who is three years in private preschools. This proposal has been frowned upon by the Conservative Party and Senator Cory Bernardi. This is because the Commonwealth funding, which provides for early childhood education, provides for only a child of four years old. As a result of this, Senator Cory Bernardi believes that the money will ultimately come from the taxpayers’ money, which is a huge misplaced priority.

Again, not only will the money be from the taxpayer, but the tax will also go up in other to realise this policy. Due to this, Labor will be synonymous with heavy taxing and massive spending.

The Labor argument is that Australia is far behind compared with other developed countries as regards early childhood education. He went further to state that the preschool in China is bigger than Australia’s population and that Australia should emulate countries like France, Norway, and South Korea, among others.

Again, Amanda Rishworth, the early childhood education spokeswoman for the Labor party, emphasised that the preschool proposal would be one of the most significant investments in Australia’s education as a country. It is believed, according to her, that the more you invest in early childhood education, the better the result will be in the future.

The Labor party also believes in securing a child’s future right from when he is just a toddler. They believe this will give the child a grasp of what education and schooling feel right from a tender age.

However, Senator Cory Bernardi led the Conservative party is of a contrary view. They believe the plan is too outrageous and will have an adverse effect on the economy of the country. Bernardi also points out that spending $1.75 billion on the preschool of three-year-old children is an irrational move that no right-thinking should venture into.

Again, senator Bernardi also raised the question of parental responsibility. He stated that it would be foolhardy to snatch a child of just three years old away from its parent or mother’s bosom. He also pointed out that a child should get to know his/her parent and create a bond at this age. He believes a child who is three years old is far too young to be taken from his parent and placed under the state’s care.

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